The Flinders Peak Medical Centre bulk bills for GP consultations covered by Medicare except for the insertion and removal of the women’s health Mirena intrauterine contraception device and Iron Infusions.

Patients interested in the Mirena contraception and/or Iron Infusions are advised to please ring the surgery for more information about the cost and consultation process.

For patients without a current Medicare or Department of Veterans’ Affairs card, a standard consultation during normal hours is $75, a long consultation is $136, a standard consultation during after hours when the surgery is open is $112 and a long consultation during after hours when the surgery is open is $203.

Other services, such as employment and insurance medicals, legal reports, medicals for recreational activities and Workcover claims are privately billed because they are not covered by Medicare. Receptionists will advise on the fee for non-bulk-billed services in accordance with our schedule of fees when you book this sort of consultation.

Harness racing, Drag racing and Commercial Drivers Licence medicals are $140 (including GST).

We do not do Aviation, Boxing or Diving medicals.

Patients interested in Q Fever testing and Q Fever vaccinations are advised to please ring the surgery for more information about the cost and consultation process.

The administrative cost to prepare your medical records for a different surgery is $44 for the full file.

Fees current as at 18 August 2016.