Purga Respiratory Clinic

We are treating any person with respiratory symptoms outside our surgery building, in the drive-around Respiratory Clinic we have established beside our surgery building. The outside Respiratory Clinic is a free service funded by the Australian Federal Government to treat anyone with respiratory illness including influenza (flu) and COVID-19.

If you have any of the symptoms listed below, or feel you may be unwell after coming into contact with someone who has a confirmed case of influenza or COVID-19, you cannot enter the main surgery building.

Phone the surgery and a receptionist can give you an appointment at the outside Respiratory Clinic.
The clinic is by appointment only.  Call 07 5464 6765 to make an appointment.

What the Respiratory Clinic assesses / treats:
The Respiratory Clinic treats any person with respiratory symptoms including but not limited to:
high temperatures / fever
shortness of breath (if severe ring for an ambulance on 000)
unusual sweating / chills
runny nose
blocked nose / congestion / sinus-like feeling
ear ache
scratchy or sore throat
lower back pain
loss of sense of taste
loss of sense of smell
aches and pains
unusual tiredness / fatigue / lethargy
sore eyes / conjunctivitis
stomach pain
nausea / vomiting
skin rash
frequent burping / acid reflux / indigestion (new symptoms of COVID-19).

The Respiratory Clinic is also for people who believe they may be unwell after coming into contact with someone who has a confirmed case of influenza or COVID-19.

Background information we request:
We will ask you a series of questions about your symptoms and background. These questions are an Australian Government requirement to be seen and you choose whether or not you want your data shared with the Australian Government. Your answers to these questions provide important information to assist the doctor who will assess / treat you. We may call you after you have made an appointment to ask you these questions. Gathering this information over the phone also speeds up the whole process for you at the Respiratory Clinic.

The name of the booked person:
You will need to write the name of the person for whom an appointment has been made on an A4 size or larger piece of paper to show to the traffic officer when you arrive. This reduces the need for close contact with the traffic and arrival officers.

Wind down the car windows:
If it is not raining please wind down all your car windows when you turn onto our property road from the main highway. This is to let your car be filled with fresh air.

Drive to the arrivals building which is a white demountable:
Drive to the white, demountable building to let the arrival officer know you have arrived by showing your patient name sign. The arrival officer will then direct you to wait in your car at a designated point.

Wait to be seen:
Please be alert for the doctor who will wave you forward when it is your turn to be seen. The doctor will be dressed in full personal protective equipment.

If are experiencing difficultly breathing and/or chest pain and/or feel that your health condition has reached a life-threatening situation ring for an ambulance on 000.