Flinders Peak Medical Centre
Evidence-based, Family and General Medicine
Phone: (07) 5464 6765
355 Ipswich-Boonah Road
Purga Queensland 4306
Situated in the City of Ipswich

Fax: (07) 5464 6888

For the main surgery:
Monday to Friday: Our receptionists answer the phone 7.00 am to 5.00 pm depending on the availability of our doctors.
Saturday: closed

Sunday: ring to hear our recorded message regarding opening times.
Public holidays
: closed.

Please click here for the separate QML COVID-PCR testing information including their hours.


Purga drive-around Respiratory Clinic
Click here for more information about our Respiratory Clinic for COVID-19 and other potentially infectious conditions.

Reminder that you CANNOT enter the main surgery if you have just had a COVID-19 PCR test
and/or any of the following symptoms
high temperatures / fever
shortness of breath (if severe ring for an ambulance on 000)
unusual sweating / chills
runny nose
blocked nose / congestion / sinus-like feeling
ear ache
scratchy or sore throat
lower back pain
loss of sense of taste
loss of sense of smell
aches and pains
unusual tiredness / fatigue / lethargy
sore eyes / conjunctivitis
stomach pain
nausea / vomiting
skin rash
frequent burping / acid reflux / indigestion (new symptoms of COVID-19).


Click here for the updated Australian Government COVID-19 Test and Isolate National Protocols, published 7 January 2022. This chart outlines when to get tested depending on whether you are a confirmed COVID-19 positive patient, close contact or other contact. The chart refers to PCR and RAT tests. A PCR test is a swab taken by a health worker and sent to a laboratory to be processed to get a result. A RAT is a ‘rapid antigen test’ that can be done yourself and shows a result in around 20 to 30 minutes.

For the convenience of our patients and the wider community, Queensland Medical Laboratories (QML) is operating a drive-through COVID-19 PCR testing centre in the white demountable building outside the main surgery building. Click here for opening times and more information. This is NOT appointment based. If you have questions that cannot be answered by the link above to QML’s Purga COVID-19 PCR testing, or from the chart about testing requirements from the Australian Government link above, please direct your enquiries to QML directly. QML is working alongside us but is independently owned and operated.


COVID-19 vaccinations
Click here for information about our Pfizer Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine clinics


The Flinders Peak Medical Centre doctors are not currently taking new patients. Due to the demands of the current pandemic and the population growth in our area, our GPs in the main surgery building are unfortunately not able to take on new patients.

The Purga Respiratory outside Clinic and our separate COVID-19 Vaccination clinic are however open to the public and treat patients from other practices. These services are by appointment only. Please ring 54646765 to make an appointment.